Earth Day

Posted: May 15, 2018

  Elsipogtog Students Are Stars in The Council of Canadians, Kent County Chapter’s Earth Day Student Art Show 


        Visitors to the Earth Day Student Art Show, held Saturday, April 21 at The Anchor in Richibucto, were treated to a fine display of art in a variety of forms created by students from around Kent County. Taking a starring role in the event were works from students from Elsipogtog School.  

      Those who helped to make Elsipogtog School the star of the show included class projects as well as individual and team entries.

Class projects: Ms. Morris’s KB’s talking sticks, 1A and 1B’s dream catchers made in Lenore’s culture class, Mrs. Sullivan’s 1A’s clay models of the earth, the grade 3 classes’ quill earrings- making beautiful things from nature produced in Lenore’s culture class, Mrs. Carla Augustine and Ms. Mitchell’s grade 4 classes’ paper mache globes, Mrs. Francis’ 6A’s class project- band aids can’t heal the earth from oil spills, Ms. Adourian’s 7A’s traditional Migmaq village- sustainable living in harmony with nature, Mrs. Loni Sock’s 8A’s  Jingle Dance Dress poster.

     Individual and team entries from the following classes: Mrs. Robichaud’s 3B, Mrs. Liz Augustine’s 5A, Mrs. Millea’s 5B, Ms. Roberts and Mr. Graham’s 6B, Ms. Adourian’s 7A, Ms. Cathy Sock’s 7B and Mr. Savoie’s 8B. Stand out entries done by individuals who put a lot of time and effort into their projects were: Ryla Sock’s magnificent painting showing Indigenous cultural symbols and Isabella Tomah’s Eiffel Tower where she reused plastic water bottles to make her project and then later recycled them. 

   The entries were not judged. The name of every student who participated went into a draw. The winning names that were drawn and received a $50 prize are:

 Mrs. Robichaud’s 3B class for their display of quill earrings.

Ms. Mitchell’s 4B class for their paper mache globes.

Kaitlynn Dedam- Francis 5B for her shadow box model of the dangers of pollution.

Precious Clair 6B for her poster which used a variety of materials to show the need for keeping the Earth clean.

     Through their art work, Elsipogtog students expressed a love for Mother Earth and a concern about how pollution is poisoning our planet. How we must find ways to take care of the air, the water, and the land.  Health and Wellness teacher Kachina Sack-Tuplin, in an interview with Dallas McQuarrie who writes for The New Brunswick Media Co-op, stated, “The students may not know all the technical terms, such as ‘glyphosate,’ associated with environmental issues, but they are aware of the importance of organic food and the growing problem of unhealthy things in non-organic foods. They write about these issues in school and do ‘hands on’ work. Caring for and protecting water is something they relate to culturally. The ‘hands on’ work may include things like recycling projects at school and working in the school garden.”                                                                                                  A big thank you goes out to the wonderful staff and students of Elsipogtog School for making The Council of Canadians, Kent County Chapter’s second Earth Day Student Art Show such a success. We are so pleased with the large number of participants and visitors to this year’s exhibit that we plan to continue making this an annual event. Oelaaliog