Elsipogtog School Students Pay Tribute to Earth Day

Posted: April 28, 2017

A big thank you goes out to the staff and students of Elsipogtog School for making the Kent County Chapter of the Council of Canadians' first Earth Day Student Art Show such a success. We had 160 entries and, due to the support of the staff, a large number of these came from Elsipogtog School. The council is so encouraged by this that we will, most likely, try to make it an annual event.
       Teacher Cathy Sock included the contest as a part of her Critical Thinking Skills program encouraging her students to analyze and evaluate their concerns for the planet and create a work of art around those feelings. The rest of the middle school team, Ms. Joanne Adourian, Mrs. Lani Sock, Mr. Brian Savoy, Mrs. Cynthia Francis, Mr. Jeremy Graham, and teacher assistants Angel Milliea, and Sally Copage generously allowed students to work on their projects during lunch hour providing patience, materials and storage.   
       The entries were not judged. The name of every student who participated went into a draw. 
       Congratulations to the following winners:
       Taylor Wilmot 4B $50.00 for her colorful picture of our planet, and her write up about why we need to take care of Mother Earth.  
       Michael Dedam 7B $50.00 for his poster that focused on a wake up warning about the way we treat the environment.
       Damon Augustine and Colby Sock 8B split a $50.00 prize for their painting of the night sky above a modeling clay sculpture of the Earth.  
      7B classmates Trice Bernard, Torrey Augustine, Marshall Augustine, Sequoyah Augustine and Archie Sock shared a $50.00 prize for their poster of a dream catcher with a drawing of planet Earth in the center. 

     While their names were not drawn, special mention should be made to the following entries that stood out:

     Ms. Bev Harrison and teacher assistant Pam Harris' 2B class and their beaver lodge. This was a huge hit, especially among children.

    2B Phyllis Sock's beaver sculpture.

    Mrs. Carla Augustine's 4A class and Mrs. Mary Milliea-Peters' 4B class and their dvd with students singing Earth Day songs to their power point presentation: Reduce, Recycle, Reuse.

     4A Kayleigh Simon's painted shadow box of planet Earth and children holding hands across the middle of the planet.

     6A Gubby Dedam's modeling clay sculptures of farmers taking care of the Earth.

     7A Sage Sock's poster using paint and felt to show a nice sunny earth scene with trees. 

     7A  Dray Sanipass' poster of the sun shining down on a medicine wheel rainbow.

     7B Journey Levi's poster using modeling clay and paint showing a tee pee above the Earth.

     8A Amesha Augustine's drawing of two hands reaching up and holding planet Earth representing the Earth is in our hands. 

     8B Faith Sock and Alena Delorey's painting of the Earth in the night sky with an alien pointing to a Reduce, Reuse, Recycle sign.

     The Kent County Chapter of the Council of Canadians thanks everyone for their participation and fine example of respect for Mother Earth.

The projects are presently on display in the courtyard of the school.
See all pictures here.