Special Guest - Madison Milliea

Posted: October 28, 2015

Elsipogtog School had a special guest today at our Dream Catcher Awards.  Madison Milliea came and performed for our school, here is her story; Hi, my name is Madison Milliea.  I am 7 years old in grade 3 at the Soleil Levant School in Richibucto.  I can speak French, English and Micmac.  I started dancing when I was 3 years old.  My mitata would bring me to pow wows.   I dance fancy shawl.  We look like butterflies when we dance.  My dress and shawl are called a regalia, it is not called a costume.  When I dance, I dance for the spirits and for the people that are sick.  I love to dance. Me and my family traveled all the way to Alburguerque New Mexico, Ontario and Montreal this year.  I meet a lot of people and I make a lot of new friends.  They are my pow wow family. This year I started to sing and drum.  In April I will be going to 2 pow wows in Alburquerque and in Phoenix.  It is far away.  It takes 2 days to drive there non-stop.  I can't wait to go but we will be going by airplane. In our culture we do cleansing purification ceremonies.  It is smudging.  I like to smudge at night, I sleep better and it takes away my bad dreams.  Remember to be proud of who you are, our culture and always respect your elders.